Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
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Intellectual Property, or IP, is central to any business; the idea or concept that you have spent valuable time and resources creating becomes the lifeblood of your organisation. Applying for Intellectual property protection and patents is the best way to protect your idea and your company’s future.

Compliance with Intellectual Property law is crucial and is often shown to be overly complicated. Barnes Law work with businesses of all sizes in any industry; no matter who you are, we can provide a bespoke and effective service to protect your assets and protect you against any risks involved.

We can use our understanding of, and experience in, IP law to advise you on the types of protection such as patents, information rights or trademarks that are most suited to your situation. For more information on how to protect yourself against IP disputes and accelerate your business’ growth, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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What is Intellectual Property Law?

IP law protects your concept, idea, design or product, and enforces your legal right of ownership. Putting legal protections in place can defend you against infringements of IP rights of others and enables you to legally pursue anyone in breach of your IP rights.

Intellectual property law includes copyright, patents and trademarks.

What are intellectual property rights?

Intellectual Property Rights give you the protection over an idea or product, affording you the right to use the product how you wish with a peace of mind. Being the owner of IP rights also allows you to license them to other businesses and monetise your ideas, or to sell your ownership for a profit. We offer comprehensive advice to help you with these issues in a manner that is best suited to your business and your needs.

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