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When entering a business contract, nobody expects that it will become the subject of a dispute. However, contract disputes are an unfortunate fact of life for many business owners.

From the outset, it is vital that all parties to a contract are aware of the range of dispute resolution methods available should a dispute arise, including arbitration.

Arbitration is an effective alternative to litigation, particularly valued for the confidentiality and flexibility it offers to the parties involved.

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Business Legal Check-up

Instead of waiting for a problem to blindside you, regular legal check-ups can help you identify potential pitfalls and nip them in the bud before they become costly and time-consuming legal issues.

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Commercial Law

Creating legally robust agreements is crucial for nurturing growth and securing the stability of your organisation.

Barnes Law provides meticulous, thorough, and up-to-date advice to businesses of all sizes, from growing startups to established corporations. Through our partner-led approach, we are committed to providing customised solutions that align precisely with our clients' requirements, communicated clearly and effectively.

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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We understand that litigation can be a make or break concern for any business, which is why Barnes Law focuses on providing litigation advice that always has our clients’ commercial goals in mind.

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Commercial Property

Commercial property is essential to the functioning of many businesses. Property transactions often involve substantial costs and liabilities. That is why it is vital to negotiate and draft commercial property agreements with a high level of diligence. Barnes Law has detailed knowledge and experience in the commercial property sector that enables us to guide our clients through the complex legal framework whilst ensuring the needs of the business are met.

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Contentious Trust and Estates

We recognise that pursuing or defending a claim like this can be extremely stressful and impose an emotional toll on those involved, which is why we approach each case sensitively, with the committed involvement of our team to meet your needs every step of the way.

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Corporate and M&A

Whether you are an established small or medium-sized enterprise, run a family business, or you are only just starting out with a business idea, well-drafted and clear ownership structures and governance arrangements are essential.

Businesses are always founded with optimism and excitement. However, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes things can go wrong down the line and leave you unprotected. Adequate arrangements can provide for what happens if, for instance, partners disagree on major business decisions, dispute to which extent each is responsible for running the business, or wish to exit the business altogether.

To prevent your relations with business partners (especially if they are friends or family members) from deteriorating and avoid costly legal disputes, Barnes Law can leverage its market insights to optimally structure your business in a way that is clear to everyone involved.

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Employment Law

Employees are your company’s most important asset, but the ever-evolving digital world is changing workplaces rapidly. Our team of expert employment and HR lawyers work closely with you to offer tailored legal advice suited to your business’s needs. Our practice-oriented employment service ensures that your workforce is managed effectively and efficiently, regardless of the size of your organisation.

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Franchise Law

A franchise allows the franchisee to trade under the brand of the franchisor, following the franchisor’s proven business format. This allows brand owners to exploit their existing intellectual property and generate additional revenue without the commitment of further capital. For the franchisee the agreement lowers their risk through following a business model that has already been demonstrably successful elsewhere. Barnes Law with extensive experience can assist you in drafting and negotiating your next franchise agreement.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, or IP, is central to any business; the idea or concept that you have spent valuable time and resources creating becomes the lifeblood of your organisation. Applying for Intellectual property protection and patents is the best way to protect your idea and your company’s future.

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