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When entering a business contract, nobody expects that it will become the subject of a dispute. However, contract disputes are an unfortunate fact of life for many business owners.

From the outset, it is vital that all parties to a contract are aware of the range of dispute resolution methods available should a dispute arise, including arbitration.

Arbitration is an effective alternative to litigation, particularly valued for the confidentiality and flexibility it offers to the parties involved.

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The smart alternative to litigation

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that many parties choose as an alternative to going to court and involves the parties to a dispute agreeing to submit it to an arbitrator for a legally binding and enforceable decision. It is often highly beneficial in situations where confidentiality is paramount, or when parties foresee challenges with utilising local courts.

There are many benefits to taking this route. Not only arbitration is quicker than litigation in most jurisdictions, but it also means an arbitral tribunal with dedicated expertise can be appointed, offering a level of specialism that courts may lack.

The arbitration process also gives parties more autonomy. For example, they can limit or expand the tribunal's powers in handling evidence to selected arbitrators with specific expertise.

At Barnes Law, we are equipped to handle all manner of arbitration cases. We provide advice from the pre-dispute stage, including drafting arbitration clauses, through to the successful enforcement of arbitral awards worldwide.  

London: The premier choice for arbitration excellence

We recognise that arbitration can offer many strategic benefits. For example, it allows parties flexibility in choosing English Law to govern their arbitration agreements, regardless of the legal framework governing their broader transactions.

Approximately 40 per cent of all corporate arbitrations are governed by English Law worldwide, and the Commercial Court allocates a significant portion of its caseload to arbitration-related matters, proving its effectiveness, global acceptance and the central role it plays in the international arbitration landscape.

London, more specifically, has long been a preferred 'seat' of arbitration in commercial contracts. This is due to the city’s established legal infrastructure, arbitration expertise, and its reputation as a neutral and legally secure venue for dispute resolution. The London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”) is universally recognised as one of the world’s leading arbitral institutions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, or you represent a small to medium-sized enterprise, Barnes Law has a successful track record in representing its clients before the LCIA and other prestigious arbitration centres worldwide .

Expert services: Resolving disputes efficiently

Whether you need advice on how to effectively use and draft arbitration clauses, would like guidance on choosing a forum, seat, and arbitral institution, or require assistance with handling proceedings, the enforcement of awards and subsequent collection, at Barnes Law, our dedicated team can assist you at any stage of a dispute.

Our main goal is always to minimise disruption and maximise outcomes and, with our client’s unique circumstances always in mind, we tailor our strategies to suit each individual case.

How Barnes Law can help you?

Our approachable team, with a partner-led approach, specialises in both international and domestic arbitration, addressing complex legal challenges with a deep understanding of the arbitral process.

Whether you represent a small to medium-sized enterprise, an entrepreneur, or a high-net-worth individual, we provide expert advice tailored to the intricacies of your case.

For a consultation on how Barnes Law can assist you, please call us on +44 (0) 208 092 2700 or email