Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

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Non Disclosure Agreements (“NDA”), are contracts with other businesses or employees that provide you with the confidence to negotiate without the fear of disclosure and subsequent losses. We draft bespoke agreements that protect your organisation against unwanted disclosure of confidential information.

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We offer drafting services that are tailored to your business. We will work with you to carefully establish which information should be considered confidential and draft an NDA that is best suited for your business needs and make breaches unlikely to occur.

As template NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements will not necessarily capture the nuances of your business, we work closely with you to make an NDA work in your specific situation. The information protected by NDAs is almost as valuable as your business itself; we, therefore, include clauses that deal with consequences of breaches to ensure that your business can withstand unwanted outcomes.

What are Confidentiality Agreements and NDAs?

Confidentiality agreements, or Non-Disclosure Agreements, are legally binding contracts that give you the security and confidence to disclose commercially sensitive information to third parties such as contractors, potential investors, business partners or suppliers.

They provide your business with the reassurance that this information will not be made public, thereby protecting your intellectual property (IP), trade secrets and sensitive information.

We advise that NDAs and confidentiality agreements are put in place when:

  • Two or more parties are negotiating business transactions (including business and IP sales)
  • You are disclosing sensitive or financial information to a third party
  • Agreeing employment contracts where employees have direct access to confidential information and data.

How Barnes Law can help you?

If you believe that you need to write a Non-Disclosure Agreement, please get in touch to discuss the upcoming changes to your business and how we can help to write this agreement on your behalf. We draft our NDAs with the aim of minimising the risk of breach. This is to combat threats of unauthorised disclosures of sensitive information by contractors, employees, competitors and other individuals involved. Should you experience a breach of contract relating to a confidentiality agreement, please get in touch. Our expert team of commercial litigators provide a world-class advice and dispute resolution support to businesses and high net worth individuals in cases of breach of contract.

For more information about how our team can assist you with your contract needs, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 208 092 2700 or

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