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Central to the commercial world is the trade and the sale of goods. Well-drafted and practical terms of commercial sales contracts are vital for protecting your business.

We have extensive expertise in drafting and leveraging agreements to ensure that our clients’ contracts are robust.

Our team of contract lawyers will advise you throughout the negotiation period and negotiate legally binding agreements which have your company’s best interests at their core.

We ensure that your sales contracts detail what is expected of you and the other party. This could include, the description of the goods, the transfer and return timescales, the delivery timeframes, indemnities, limitations of liability and more.

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How Barnes Law can help you?

Our focus is on negotiating the terms that protect your interests and making sure that you achieve your desired outcome. We will also draft the details of your liability and negotiate your exclusion clauses, warranties and indemnities.

Book our free initial 30-minute consultation during which we can discuss your contracts and related documentation. To book a consultation, please call us on +44 (0) 208 092 2700 or email or click the link below.

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